Trader Joe’s Recalls Tamales, the Company’s Sixth Since July

By John Mercury August 31, 2023

Nakia Rohde, a spokeswoman for Trader Joe’s, said in a statement on Wednesday that “we err on the side of caution and are proactive in addressing issues. We voluntarily take action quickly and aggressively — investigating potential problems and removing a product from sale if there is any doubt about its safety or quality.”

She added that the company does not “wait for regulatory agencies to tell us what to do,” and that it shares news of recalls through in-store signs, on its website and via email alerts.

“The close timing of these recalls is coincidental,” Ms. Rohde said.

Darin Detwiler, an associate professor of food safety and corporate social responsibility at Northeastern University, said that “in a way, it’s good” that Trader Joe’s recalls are so public and transparent because “it’s a sign that things are working.”

“Trader Joe’s is doing a great job in making sure that if they have to do a recall, not only do they do it, but they communicate it as well as they can,” Dr. Detwiler said.

He added that such recalls are frequent in grocery stores, but stores with name brands like Trader Joe’s receive more attention. Dr. Detwiler also noted that the source of the recalls has been from Trader Joe’s suppliers, which are smaller and typically not associated with other stores.


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