Kate’s message to Ukraine: We are all thinking of you

By Isaac M October 4, 2023

The Princess of Wales has sent a message of support to Ukraine saying “we are all thinking of you” as she left her handprint on a picture which marked the first anniversary of the Russian invasion.

Kate wrote the words on a parcel she filled with food, clothes and toiletries for those affected by the war in the eastern European country, during a visit to a Bracknell centre providing services for Ukrainian families settled in the area.

The future Queen has attended a number of events in support of the people of Ukraine and their struggle against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Her tour of the Vsi Razom – Ukrainian for all together – Community Hub saw her make a Ukrainian ribbon brooch, help a little girl complete some artwork and chat to a Ukrainian psychologist providing support to her fellow countrymen and women.

The princess’s visit coincided with the one-year anniversary of the hub, founded by Natalia Vil, originally from Estonia but a UK resident for 25 years who is married to a Ukrainian, and Ashleigh Toomey from the UK.

Kate asked “is there a technique?” as she began filling her box at the centre in the Lexicon shopping complex, Bracknell, Berkshire with a group of young Ukrainians, and was advised to put the heaviest objects at the bottom.

When told many Ukrainians have volunteered to help out in the centre she said: “It must feel good for them to be able to do something for the people back home.”

The princess was invited to add her handprint to a painting of a tree that marked the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine – February 24 2022 – after putting a disposable glove on her right hand.

She lighted the mood by saying “I’ve never done a handprint with a glove on. It will be a bit cleaner, normally the children end up putting paint everywhere.”

Later, after trying to tie a bow to make a Ukrainian ribbon brooch, in the national colours of the country, she looked at her effort and quipped: “I’m not sure you’re going to be able to sell this one”.

Mother-of-three Kate stopped to chat to many of the children who were enjoying an art class at the hub and she joined Sofiya Ovchinnik, the three-year-old daughter of hub co-founder MsVil, and helped her complete a collage of paper flowers.

The little girl wore a dress, necklace and sparkling tiara and her mother later joked that was her “normal” outfit and she had not dressed up for the visit.

And the princess chatted to Liza, the eight-year-old daughter of Tetiana Sverdlova, a Ukrainian psychologist whose family live with English hosts and who provides mental health support at the centre.

Kate talked to the youngster about music, telling her: “I heard my daughter singing … it was a song called Shine Jesus Shine, that made me very happy this morning,” and the schoolgirl replied she knew the song.

Ms Vil, co-founded the centre after collecting a large amount of donations for Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion which were transported in vehicles provided by Ms Toomey, from Bracknell, and the women went on to create a permanent hub of support.

After the royal visit Ms Vil, a Bracknell resident, said: “It’s really good to see we are noticed and noticed by the royal family. I hope it will lead to us getting support from other businesses – we want to go further.”


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