'Dozens of cats' found abandoned in Abu Dhabi desert as authorities launch investigation

By Isaac M October 5, 2023

Authorities in Abu Dhabi are investigating reports of cats being abandoned in the desert, with dozens said to have died.

Rescue groups and volunteers have shared images of pets dumped in remote parts of the desert, where temperatures can reach nearly 40C.

Described by the International Organisation for Animal Protection (OIPA) as “unimaginable and unacceptable suffering”, the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) is now investigating.

“DMT immediately began investigations after receiving the report and will take all relevant administrative and legal measures available,” the department said in a statement on Wednesday.

The department added “all necessary measures” are being taken to identify any individuals and just how the incidents have come about, which “contradicts civilised morals and values”.

Dozens of cats have been reported dumped. Pic: OIPA

“DMT has also underscored that it values the sentiments of the public and communities and recognises the contributions of volunteers in responding to this incident.”

The public is encouraged to keep sharing details with the department.

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Images shared on social media appear to show cats lying still in the sand, with dozens found, according to OIPA.

The charity says its rescuers have found about 60 dead pets in “different stages of decomposition”, with some on the sand and others just below the surface.

The group recently uncovered a “horrific scene” of more than 100 cats and some dogs “cruelly dumped in the desert”, they added.

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“Animals have died enduring unimaginable and unacceptable suffering,” the charity said.

“Another 87 cats and a dog were luckily found alive but in critical conditions. All very weak and dehydrated, they have been transferred to vet clinics for health care.”

To “worsen the cruelty”, OIPA claims almost all the cats they found had been microchipped and neutered – some as recently as two weeks ago, as stitches were still visible.

It’s not clear who dumped the cats.


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