Ukraine-Russia war – live: Ukraine makes frontline gains as trains pile in from North Korea

By Isaac M October 9, 2023

Russian strike hits village in Kharkiv on Thursday, killing over 50 people

Ukrainian forces have made small gains over the weekend along multiple points of the frontline as “heavy rain” threatens to slow down Kyiv’s counteroffensive.

Geolocated images showed Ukrainian infantry roughly 300 metres north of Novoprokopivka, south of Robotyne, which is the deepest they have been seen inside Russian-occupied territory as part of that attack.

This line has emerged as Ukraine’s main axis of the counteroffensive in the past month, though progress slowed after the liberation of Robotyne at the end of August.

The Ukrainian General Staff also claimed on Sunday that Ukrainian forces had achieved “partial success” near Bakhmut, though that remains unconfirmed.

It comes as satellite imagery has shown that the level of rail traffic from North Korea to Russia hit an unprecedented five-year high following a meeting between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin last month.

The heightened level of movement suggests North Korea may be sending weapons to Russia to be used for their “special military operation” in Ukraine. This topic was reportedly discussed during the leaders’ last meeting.

Images published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies show approximately 73 railcars on 5 October crossing the border with Russia from North Korea’s Tumangang Rail Facility.


At least 2 women, including 83-year-old, injured in Russian attack in Kherson

At least two women have been injured following another Russian shelling in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson, according to local officials.

Roman Mrochko, Head of the Kherson MBA, said in an update on Telegram: “An 83-year-old woman was injured as a result of the recent enemy shelling of the Kherson city territorial community. She is receiving medical assistance. The preliminary diagnosis is a back injury.

“Another woman has a leg injury. At this hour, according to preliminary information, the Russian army has already injured four civilians in the Kherson community!”

The incident follows a report on Sunday that two Ukrainians were killed in another Kherson attack.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 15:39


Russia considering revoking ratification of nuclear treaty, paving way for potential new tests

Russian lawmakers were on Monday given 10 days to study the possibility of revoking Moscow’s ratification of a treaty banning nuclear tests, the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, said in a statement.

The chamber’s International Affairs Committee will need to conclude its work by Oct. 18, the statement said.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 15:30


Israel ambassador thanks Ukraine for support as Russia baselessly claims Hamas using Nato weapons

Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine has thanked Kyiv for their support as Russian officials made baseless claims about western entanglement with Hamas.

Ambassador Michael Brodsky posted a video to X, formerly Twitter, praising Ukraine for their help in such a “difficult time”.

Earlier today, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev claimed weapons sent to Ukraine by Nato were being used by Hamas against Israel. He did not provide any evidence.

The Institute for the Study of War warned this morning that Russian officials were likely to use the conflict in Gaza as a means of trying to discourage support of Ukraine.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 15:11


Russian victory in Ukraine would ‘double’ defence costs for the West, claims top US general

The top US military official has issued a timely warning as hardline Republicans threaten to undermine continued military aid to Ukraine.

General Mark Milley, the outgoing chief of the US Armed Forces, spoke to CBS News as Congress remains paralysed without a speaker at the lower chamber, the House of Representatives.

Until a new leader is elected, decisions on fiscal budget for the next year cannot be made, meaning its military aid to Ukraine will run out without being topped up.

Speaking about the danger of a Ukrainian loss, Gen Milley said such a result would lead to an “increase if not doubling of defence budgets in the years ahead”.

He added: “And you will increase the probability of a great power war in the next 10 to 15 years. I think it would be a very dangerous situation if Putin’s allowed to win.”

Retiring Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley speaks during the Armed Forces Farewell Tribute

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Zelensky appoints new war commander

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensy has replaced the commander of the Territorial defence forces.

A statement by the Office of the President announced the “release of Ihor Ivanovich Tanciura from the position of commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Major-General Anatoliy Vladyslavovich Barhylevych, 54, who was instrumental in the liberation of Kharkiv last September, has been promoted to the commander position.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 14:15


Here are some of the latest photos from Ukraine

Below are some of the latest photos from Ukraine, as posted by the Ukrainian MoD.

They show the 110th separate mechanized brigade, named after General-Corporal Marko Bezruchko.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 13:50


Ukraine ‘grateful’ to Netherlands for F16 fighter jet coalition

Ukrainian defence minister Rustem Umerov has said he spoke with his Dutch counterpart this morning ahead of the Ramstein meeting this week about the F16 fighter jet coalition.

In a statement on X, formerly Twitter, he wrote: “Discussed urgent Ukrainian needs– air defence systems, long-range missiles, and artillery.

“Touched on the experience of the Netherlands on procurement acquisition and sustainment that might be useful for Ukraine.

“Looking forward to meeting Mrs. Ollongren during #Ramstein16 & welcome in Ukraine soon.”

He added that he was “grateful” for their “leadership in the F16 Coalition, pilot training, readiness to provide aircrafts, and plans to establish the pilot training centre for F16”.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 13:03


Russia planning to hold elections despite war in Ukraine, claims Kremlin

The Kremlin believes Russia’s presidential and parliamentary elections should be held on schedule irrespective of the “special military operation” in Ukraine, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted on Monday as saying.

“We proceed from President (Vladimir) Putin’s statement… (where he) emphasised the need to comply with all the requirements of democracy, the constitution and, accordingly, to hold these elections,”Interfax news agency quoted Peskov as saying.

Peskov was responding to comments by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a close Putin ally who was quoted on Saturday as saying that Russia should either postpone the presidential election due to the war in Ukraine or allow only one candidate – Putin.

Russia is scheduled to hold the next presidential election in 2024 and the next parliamentary election in 2026.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 12:30


Ukraine launch investigation into possible death of three nationals in and around Gaza

Ukrainian authorities are investigating the possible death of three nationals caught up in the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza.

Oleh Nikolenko, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the Ukrainian embassy is checking reports on the possible death of two citizens near the Gaza Strip and a further person inside the enclave.

He added that an operation to rescue a Ukrainian boy from Sderot, Israel, had been “successful”.

“He is now in a safe place under the care of the Embassy,” Mr Nikolenko added. “He has been provided with medical and psychological assistance.”

Tom Watling9 October 2023 11:50


British Commandos train Ukrainian marines

Images have shown British Commandos training up to 900 Ukrainian marines “to conduct beach raids and amphibious operations”.

Tom Watling9 October 2023 11:30


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