The Britons confirmed dead after Hamas attacks

By Isaac M October 10, 2023

Grieving families have paid tribute to British nationals “murdered” in Israel after an unprecedented attack by Hamas.

More than 10 Britons are feared dead or missing in the country, Sky News understands.

The family of Bernard Cowan, who was originally from Glasgow, said in a statement: “We are grieving the loss of our son and brother, who was horrifically murdered on Saturday during the surprise terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas.

“We ask for privacy at this time while we process this huge loss to our family, both at home and in Israel, and to the Jewish community in Glasgow where he will be sorely missed.”

Scottish politician Jackson Carlaw, the MSP for the 57-year-old’s former constituency, added: “Our heartfelt condolences to his family as we respect their privacy in their grief. May his memory be a blessing.”

Israel under ‘huge’ rocket barrage – live updates

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Israeli military strikes targets across Gaza

Danny Darlington – who was originally from the UK but living in Germany and on a visit to Israel – was also killed.

On Instagram, his sister Shelley wrote: “My baby brother, Dan, was murdered by terrorists on Saturday morning on our kibbutz, Nir Oz, alongside his beautiful friend Carolin.

“Only days before he was riding his bike, laughing, taking photos of sunsets and enjoying life’s simple pleasures in our beautiful kibbutz.

“He was meant to leave for Tel Aviv the night before but decided to stay one more day to explore the kibbutz with his friend – a decision that has irrevocably changed all our lives forever, and one that cost him his life.”

Ms Darlington said her family are now attempting to repatriate his body to the UK, adding: “Our community has been destroyed … I am broken.”

Nathanel Young
Nathanel Young

A 20-year-old man from London – who was serving as a soldier in the 13th Battalion of the Israeli Defence Forces – is also known to have died.

Corporal Nathanel Young was killed in an attack by Hamas militants.

Mr Young’s family said in a tribute: “Nathanel was full of life and the life of the party – he carried the nickname DJ on base and at Benji’s house, the lone soldier house that he lived at.

“He loved his family and friends and was loved by everyone. He loved music and was a talented DJ.

“Always willing to go to any lengths for his loved ones. An amazing uncle and brother. He was so happy and thriving in Israel. He loved the country.”

According to local media, Mr Young’s funeral was held on Monday in Jerusalem – but mourners had to seek shelter after rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip.

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‘UK supports Israel’s right to defend itself’

Meanwhile, a 26-year-old called Jake Marlowe has been “missing near Gaza” since Saturday morning after Hamas attacked a music festival in southern Israel, the country’s embassy in the UK told Sky News on Monday.

It is understood the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is in contact with and assisting the families of several people in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Israeli forces are currently fighting Hamas in two locations inside Israel, after the country formally declared war on the militant group.

At least 900 people have reportedly been killed in Israel and 560 have died in Gaza as Israel retaliated with airstrikes in an operation that has been dubbed “Swords of Iron”.

Nathanel Young, 20, died on Saturday, the Israel Defence Forces said
Nathanel Young’s family are ‘heartbroken’

‘We all feel his loss’

Nathanel Young’s brother Eliot told Sky News: “He always had strong Jewish pride. From a young age he has always wanted to play an important role in defending his country – it’s something he talked about a lot.”

He added: “Nathanel was also a bubbly guy who my two little daughters loved playing with and were always so excited to visit.”

The 20-year-old was a former pupil at JFS Jewish School in north London, a Jewish mixed comprehensive in Kenton.

In a statement posted on social media, the school said: “We all feel his loss and send our love and condolences to his family.”

Nathanel Young
Nathanel Young

It said the school prides itself on the relationship it creates between students and Israel, with “almost all” of its pupils having friends and family who live in the country.

“That is why the barbaric and atrocious acts of terrorism committed in Israel over the past couple of days have caused us all such pain and distress,” the statement read.

Mr Marlowe is another former JFS pupil. The school said it is praying that he and everyone else missing are “swiftly and safely returned home”.

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‘This has been Israel’s 9/11’

Britons advised against travel

About 50,000 to 60,000 British nationals are believed to be in Israel or Gaza, according to government estimates.

Scotland’s first minister has said his parents-in-law are “trapped” in Gaza after visiting family, leaving him worried about whether or not they will “make it through the night”.

“As many will know, my wife is Palestinian, her mum and dad, my in-laws, who live in Dundee, live in Scotland, they’ve been in Gaza and are currently trapped, I’m afraid,” Humza Yousaf told journalists on Monday.

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Mr Yousaf issued an “unequivocal condemnation” of the Hamas attack and said his in-laws are not guaranteed safe passage anywhere.

The British Foreign Office has advised against all but essential travel to the region because of the ongoing conflict.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has held an emergency COBRA meeting to discuss the situation in Israel.


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