Footage shows convoy transporting hostages from Gaza into Egypt

By Isaac M November 25, 2023

Footage shows a Red Cross convoy transporting hostages through the Rafah crossing from Gaza into Egypt as part of a truce deal between Hamas and Israel.

The 13 Israeli hostages released by Hamas are now in Israel and have undergone initial medical checks. They were taken to hospital and then reunited with their families.

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari has said the hostages will be “returning home tonight”.

Four children and five elderly women are among the released hostages, Israel has confirmed – as Qatar’s foreign ministry said 39 Palestinian prisoners who were detained in Israeli jails have been released as part of the truce deal.

Meanwhile, 10 Thai nationals and one Filipino hostage have also been released by Hamas, Sky News understands. The Thai and Filipino hostages were released as part of a separate deal with Hamas mediated by Qatar and Egypt, a source told Reuters.

The nationality of the hostages in the convoy in the video is not clear. They had been held captive for 49 days.

Images have emerged of hostages on the Egypt side of the Rafah crossing after arriving from Gaza.

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Who are the released Israeli hostages?

Hostage being released
A released hostage in Egypt

Hostages being released
Released hostages in Egypt

Young children and their mothers among those released

Ohad Munder, 9, and his 54-year-old mother Keren Munder, who were kidnapped together, are among the released Israeli hostages.

Doron Katz, 34, her two-year-old daughter Aviv and her four-year-old daughter Raz have also been freed after they were kidnapped together.

Three women – Adina Moshe, 72, Margalit Mozes, 78, and Channa Peri, 79 – have also been released by Hamas.

Israel’s ministry of health held a news conference at the Schneider Children’s Medical Centre in Petah Tikva where eight hostages were reunited with their families.

A spokesperson said: “We all anxiously awaited their return and are elated to see the day that they have come home to us.”

Dr Efrat Bron-Harlev, the CEO of the medical centre, added: “I was thrilled to be the one to receive four children, three mothers and a grandmother to the best and most caring hands here.

“There are not enough words to express the emotion that we are feeling at this time, together with the families and the entire nation of Israel.”

Some 50 women and children being held by Hamas are due to be freed during the truce period.

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The children released by Hamas

Israel says it ‘must not be complacent’

Meanwhile, Mr Hagari said during a news conference earlier: “We mustn’t forget this evening that each and every one of those returning home tonight still has a family member who has been murdered or has been held captive in Gaza.”

He continued: “The sight of the hostages returning home and crossing into Israel gave us a great sense of relief and yet our heart goes out to all the other hostages still kept in Gaza.”

Mr Hagari said the Israeli military will complete its preparations for the “next stage”, adding: “During the ceasefire we must all remain alert, we must not become complacent.”

US President Joe Biden has said the hostage releases are “the start of a process”, adding: “We expect more hostages to be released tomorrow.”

Adina Moshe, 72, has been released as part of the truce deal
Adina Moshe, 72, has been released as part of the truce deal

Margalit Moses has been released
Margalit Mozes has been released

Palestinian teenage prisoners to be released

The Israeli military has fired tear gas and stun grenades at crowds in the West Bank as they celebrated the release of the 39 Palestinian prisoners.

Freed prisoners have been photographed among the crowds – with some on people’s shoulders or standing on top of vehicles.

The released prisoners are the first group of a total 150 Palestinian detainees expected to be freed in the coming days.

Temporary truce brings relief for both sides – but there is no guarantee it will continue

After seven weeks of exhausting desperation, the news that the first hostages had been released in this ceasefire was greeted with singing and dancing at the museum plaza in central Tel Aviv.

The square has become a permanent vigil to the missing. A long Shabbat table is laid with empty seats for every hostage – tonight, 24 of those chairs are filled.

The first day of this four day truce went reasonably smoothly. Both sides released people as promised. It will have built confidence that further releases can happen over the coming days.

But it is a bittersweet moment – even if all 50 Israeli hostages are released, around 180 will remain in Gaza. This hostage crisis is far from over.

The images filmed by a Sky News team in Gaza, of Palestinians cheering the release of the hostages as they drove past, was an indication of the relief felt on all sides. A chance to breath after almost seven weeks of intense fighting.

The hope is that the truce can be extended beyond the initial four days. That will depend on the weekend continuing what today started, and there is no guarantee of that.

Israel published a list of 300 Palestinian prisoners from which the 150 who will be released will be drawn. The list includes 124 prisoners who were aged 17 or under, 11 of whom were 14 or 15.

Women make up 33 of the listed prisoners, with the youngest among them a 15-year-old girl.

The list of offences assigned to the prisoners includes attempted murder, throwing stones and being associated with Hamas.

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A released Palestinian prisoner reacts as he leaves the Israeli military prison,
A released Palestinian prisoner reacts as he leaves the Israeli military prison,

Released Palestinian prisoners wave flags atop a car as they leave the Israeli military prison, Ofer, after hostages-prisoners swap deal between Hamas and Israel near Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank November 24, 2023. REUTERS/Ammar Awad
Released Palestinian prisoners wave flags atop a car as they leave the Israeli military prison

Released Palestinian prisoners wave flags after being  freed from an Israeli military prison

People warned not return to homes in northern Gaza

Meanwhile, Israel has said it would stop its offensive on the Gaza Strip for an extra day for every 10 additional hostages released by Hamas.

As part of the agreement, humanitarian relief, medical and fuel aid are to be allowed into the entirety of the besieged enclave, which has been gripped by a humanitarian crisis following weeks of Israeli bombardment, with fuel and medical supplies cut off.

Israel will also halt surveillance in southern Gaza and curtail it to six hours a day in the north.

It comes as the Israeli military has warned hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians who sought refuge in southern Gaza not to attempt to return to their homes in the northern half of the territory, which has been the focus of the ground offensive against Hamas, describing it as a “dangerous war zone”.

Despite the cessation in hostilities both sides have warned the war is far from over.

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Crowds celebrate in West Bank

Israel launched its onslaught on Gaza after insurgents stormed across the border fence on 7 October – killing 1,200 people and seizing about 240 hostages.

Israel’s retaliation against the Hamas-ruled territory has killed some 14,000 Gazans, around 40% of them children, according to Palestinian health authorities.

It is the bloodiest episode in the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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