Helicopter hits car after crashing on motorway ring road in Madrid

By Isaac M December 2, 2023

A helicopter has crashed on a motorway ring road in Madrid, hitting a car and leaving three people injured.

Two were in the helicopter when it came down in the Spanish capital – one was able to leave on foot while the other had to be pulled from the wreckage by firefighters.

Both were injured in the crash, as was the driver of the car hit by the helicopter, emergency services said.

One of the crash survivors had a light head injury, another presented with a broken thigh bone and the third suffered light injuries, the spokesperson added.

Emergency workers stand next to a helicopter that crashed on a Madrid motorway ring road

Footage showed the two-seat orange helicopter lying on its side with its glass cockpit shattered and its tail smashed over the central reservation beside a motorway bridge.

Dozens of emergency officers were deployed to secure the area.

The car’s windshield was also shattered and its bodywork showed gashes.

A spokesperson for European Rotors 2023, a helicopter show in Madrid, said the helicopter had been flying from Ifema to Cuatro Vientos airfield, located south of Madrid.


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