Watch: Biden urges Congress to approve more funding for Ukraine

By Isaac M December 7, 2023

Watch as Joe Biden delivers a speech urging Congress to pass his national security supplemental request, including funding to support Ukraine, on Wednesday (6 November).

It came after the US president’s administration warned Congress that money for the European country will run out by the end of the year as Russia‘s invasion continues.

The administration has requested an additional $61 billion in aid.

Earlier this week, Mr Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan declared that not passing the additional aid would “make it easier for Putin to prevail.”

On Wednesday, Volodymyr Zelensky told Ukrainians that Kyiv would defeat Russia and win a fair peace “against all odds”.

It came after the Ukrainian president unexpectedly cancelled his US Senate address where he would have appealed for fresh aid for the war in Ukraine, majority leader Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday.


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