Amazon reveals the questions we asked Alexa the most in 2023

By John Mercury December 13, 2023

The length of the Oppenheimer movie, the number of birthdays the King has and Elon Musk’s net worth were among the topics Alexa was quizzed on most this year.

Amazon has revealed the questions its smart speaker was asked most often in 2023.

People wanted to know how tall Lionel Messi is, how old Sir Elton John is and who Jennifer Lopez is married to.

Questions about the coronation were among the most popular. “When is the King’s coronation?” and “how old is King Charles?” were some of the top queries.

The coronation has been a common theme for online searches across platforms this year, with Google revealing on Monday that “when is the coronation?” was its most searched for ‘when’ question of the year.

With cinema-goers gripped by Barbenheimer fever, box office hits Barbie and Oppenheimer took top places in the questions – with people curious to know what Barbie was actually about.

Ed Sheeran was named as the most-played artist ahead of Taylor Swift, Lewis Capaldi and Elvis Presley, while Flowers by Miley Cyrus was the most-played song of the year.

People were also curious about Ed Sheeran’s bank account – queries about his net worth were only surpassed by questions about Elon Musk’s.

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Yorkshire puddings were the most requested recipe, followed by pancakes (last year’s top recipe) and banana bread. Perhaps a surprise entry for the eighth most asked-for recipe: hot-smoked salmon, lentil and pomegranate salad.

When it comes to sports questions, the one asked most often was simply “Alexa, what’s the score?”.

Football questions were popular, but sports fans also sought out updates on the cricket, Grand Prix and Wimbledon.

“Sing Happy Birthday” was named the most requested “personality song”, ahead of requests for Alexa to beatbox and sing a song about dogs.


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