Watch live: David Cameron meets Italian counterpart to discuss Gaza and Ukraine

By Isaac M December 19, 2023

Watch live as David Cameron meets Antonio Tajani in Rome on Tuesday, 19 December, to discuss the crises in Gaza and Ukraine.

The UK foreign secretary is also meeting his counterpart to discuss working together to tackle illegal migration.

Lord Cameron and Mr Tajani’s news conference is being held after the pair attended the 16th Conference of Italian Ambassadors in the world.

It comes after Rishi Sunak used a gathering of Italian conservatives and right-wingers in Rome over the weekend to issue a stark warning of the threat posed by illegal migration to “overwhelm” European states.

The UK prime minister met his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni, with whom he has developed a strong partnership, as they announced plans for the UK and Italy to participate in the Rome Process; the leaders committed to “co-fund a project to promote and assist the voluntary return of migrants from Tunisia to their countries of origin”, a statement from Downing Street said.


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