Dropped your iPhone in liquid? Don't put it in rice – here's why

By John Mercury February 22, 2024

It’s something that every iPhone user dreads: drenching their device in tea after an unfortunate spill… or dropping it in the bath.

For years, the common advice given after clumsy mishaps has been to leave the iPhone in a bag of rice to soak up any excess moisture.

But, according to recent advice from Apple, this technique is nothing more than an old wives’ tale – and can actually do more harm than good.

Pic: iStock
Apple has advised against putting wet phones in a bowl of rice. Pic: iStock

The tech giant says small particles of rice can end up damaging the smartphone, especially if it ends up entering the charging port.

Other no-nos include trying to insert cotton swabs and paper towels in the connector – or using compressed air and heaters for drying.

Apple says that – if liquid has been detected in the connector – an alert will appear on the iPhone’s screen.

Users won’t be able to charge their phone using a wire unless it’s an emergency, but wireless charging is still available.

And while you might be worried that your iPhone is irreparable, Apple has these top tips on how to fix the problem:

• Tap your iPhone against your hand while the connector is facing down
• Leave the device in a dry area where there is airflow
• Wait 30 minutes before trying to charge the device

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Pic: iStock
Wet devices should be left in a dry area where there is airflow. Pic: iStock

If you’re still seeing the alert, Apple says this indicates there might be some liquid still present – and because of this, it might take up to 24 hours to fully dry.

After this, if your iPhone is still failing to charge, the company suggests unplugging the charging cable and the adapter from the wall – and then trying to reconnect them.


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