Police officer charged with murders of TV presenter and his boyfriend

By Isaac M February 23, 2024

A police officer has been charged with murdering a missing Australian TV personality and his boyfriend.

Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon handed himself in at a Sydney police station on Friday, two days after the bloodied belongings of his ex-partner Jesse Baird, 26, and Luke Davies, 29, were found dumped in a skip in the beachside suburb of Cronulla.

Luke Davies and Jesse Baird
Luke Davies (L) and Jesse Baird. Pic:@jessebairddd

The New South Wales force allege the 28-year-old officer and ex-celebrity blogger killed the couple at Mr Baird’s home in the Paddington area of the city on Monday and hired a white van to dispose of their bodies.

Neighbours reportedly heard an argument at the property that morning.

The vehicle was found in Newcastle 70 miles (115km) north of Sydney.

Both men have still not been found.

Police officers work at a crime scene at Waite Road in Paddington, Sydney
Police officers at Mr Baird’s home in the Paddington area of Sydney. Pic: Reuters

Police said a bullet matching Lamarre-Condon’s service gun was found at the crime scene in Paddington along with a large amount of blood.

The suspect had been in a relationship until some months ago with Mr Baird, who was a presenter with Network 10 until December.

Mr Davies was a Qantas flight attendant.

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Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty said: “They (the families) have received the news of the charging and what the charges are which is murder, so they have now been obviously devastated by the news.

“We believe there is sufficient evidence to proceed with those charges due to the evidence we have up-to-date and we continue to support and contact the family.”

He added: “It’s really important that we do locate the bodies, not only for the cause of death but the answers for the family because they are still grieving.”

Lamarre-Condon, who joined the police in 2019, had previously been a celebrity blogger, being pictured with stars including Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.


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