1949: ‘Red Star’ Says Labour Increases British Taxes

By John Mercury March 26, 2024

LONDON — The Moscow Radio quoted the Soviet Army newspaper “Red Star” today as blaming the Labour government for high taxes in Britain.

“It is a known fact that 75 percent of indirect taxes are paid by the working class of Britain,” the paper was quoted, “and since the Labour party came to power, indirect taxes have increased by millions.”

“Red Star” was commenting on British defense estimates. It said that Britain had spent £60,000,000 ($240,000,000) to back the Greek government and is putting out £31,500 ($126,000) a day in Malaya.

It declared British foreign policy “leads to increasing exploitation of the working people for the sake of the selfish interests of home and trans-Atlantic monopolists, and to a higher cost of living.”

— The New York Herald, European Edition, Mar. 22, 1949


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