UFC champion arrested for allegedly assaulting and threatening to kill anti-doping agent

By John Mercury April 8, 2024

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been arrested and summoned to court on allegations he assaulted and threatened to kill a drug-testing agent.

Jones had been visited by anti-doping officer Crystal Martinez and her colleague Jerome Romero for a surprise drug test at his home in Albuquerque on 30 March.

They had arrived to collect urine on behalf of their employer, Drug Free Sport International, which is contracted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Ms Martinez has claimed Jones became angry about the drug-testing process, took her phone and put his face near to hers and said: “Why you f****** people come so early? Do you know what happens to people who come to my house? They end up dead.”

Jones has posted a lengthy statement on Instagram saying he became “frustrated with the unprofessionalism” of the two anti-doping agents, but insists their meeting ended “friendly and amicably, nothing threatening at all”.

He also shared a video of Ms Martinez and Mr Romero leaving his property which he claims shows him exchanging a “high five and a hug” with them.

Ms Martinez has said Jones was unhappy during the collection process and was unable to pass urine, prompting her to suggest a blood test, according to a police report.

She claims this suggestion made him even more angry.

Ms Martinez has told police in New Mexico she believed Jones might have been drunk and that he threatened to sue her and her colleague.

Jones later walked away with Mr Romero and returned with a urine sample, according to the police report.

Ms Martinez said Mr Romero looked frightened and pale when he returned from collecting the urine sample.

She also told police that at one point Jones assaulted her and picked her phone up off a surface before recording a video.

It is said to capture the mixed martial arts star saying: “Here’s f***** Jerome and his girlfriend in my garage.”

Ms Martinez also said it was around this point the fighter put his face near hers and said people who come to his house early “end up dead”.

She added that he would not give her phone back and she feared for her safety.

Ms Martinez added that she wanted to terminate the session but was concerned it would worsen Jones’ mood because not giving a urine sample can lead to a UFC fine.

She said that after the encounter she wanted to push for charges to be filed against the fighter, even as her supervisor discouraged it and said she would wait for the UFC to respond.

Jones was interviewed by officers over the phone on Saturday, the police report said.

He was issued a summons to appear in court based on allegations of assault and interfering with communications in relation to taking the phone. The summons doubled as his arrest, and it does not appear Jones was taken into custody or formally charged.

Jones told police he never spoke of people facing death if they arrive at his home too early.

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In his statement posted on Instagram, Jones wrote: “I want to address reports about me allegedly threatening a drug tester’s life and taking a phone, I want to clarify that there is a video showing both drug testers leaving my home after the testing session, where we exchanged a high five and a hug.

“Although I was frustrated with the unprofessionalism and used profanity out of frustration it ended friendly and amicably, nothing threatening at all.

“I was actually celebrating a friend’s birthday party at my home, and I believe it’s perfectly normal to celebrate in the comfort of my own home.

“I must say, this particular tester behaved quite unprofessionally and even breached standard protocol along with HIPAA laws. Throughout my 20 years of being subjected to drug tests, I have never encountered such an incident with a DCO officer before.”

Jones has previously been suspended for doping – having been handed a 15-month suspension for his second violation of the UFC’s anti-doping policy in 2018.

The mixed martial artist became UFC heavyweight champion in March 2023, and has a record of 27 wins, one loss, zero draws and one no contest, which signifies that neither competitor can be declared the winner.


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