Bird 'confuses' police officers by mimicking siren sound

By John Mercury April 10, 2024

Police officers were left “confused” by a bird when it convincingly mimicked the sound of the sirens on their cars.

Thames Valley Police said staff initially thought their vehicles had developed a fault after hearing the noise at a roads policing base in Bicester.

A video filmed at the site in Oxfordshire and posted on social media shows the bird chirping in a tree – before then replicating the sound of a two-tone siren.

The force said that the copycat call was “100% real and not a late April Fools joke” and added that officers were left “a little confused”.

It added: “It’s so accurate, they’ve been left thinking the sirens were faulty on the cars!

“From our workshops that test out the two tone-tune to officers deploying to jobs, this little fella has been sat patiently observing the noise to recreate it”.

Social media users speculated that the bird could be a starling, which are known for their ability to mimic man-made noises.


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