'Real men wear diapers': Trump supporters wear nappies

By John Mercury May 5, 2024

Donald Trump supporters have started wearing nappies.

They also have a new slogan: Real Men Wear Diapers.

The peculiar new craze began after Mr Trump was described as “Von ShitzInPantz”.

Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, said in a post on X last month: “Hey Von ShitzInPantz…your attacks of me stink of desperation. We are all hoping that you take the stand in your defence.”

He added, a couple of days later: “Oh… Von ShitzInPantz. Keep whining, crying and violating the gag order you petulant defendant!”

On Thursday, during Mr Trump’s hush money trial, the prosecution alleged he had further violated a gag order connected to the case.

On Tuesday, he was fined $9,000 (£7,100) and held in contempt by the judge for breaches of the same order.

But Mr Trump’s defence lawyer, Todd Blanche, said his client was the victim of attacks by both Mr Cohen and the media.

Mr Blanche also referred to comments from President Joe Biden, referring to Donald Trump experiencing “stormy weather”.

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Since then, Trump supporters have apparently been trying to get back at Mr Cohen by wearing nappies and declaring that “real men” do the same.

One woman was pictured wearing what appeared to be a diaper and a t-shirt printed with “Diapers over Dems”.

Other t-shirts have been printed with the slogan Real Men Wear Diapers.

Mr Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business documents over hush money payments made to former porn actress Stormy Daniels to cover up their alleged affair. He has pleaded not guilty.


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