Ukraine-Russia war – live: Moscow shelling kills four in Kherson as Kyiv marks first Christmas on December 25

By Isaac M December 24, 2023

Kyiv suffers largest ever drone attack by Russia leaving five wounded

A child has been killed in a Russian attack on Ukraine as Vladimir Putin warned the West of “serious consequences” over reports Kyiv may receive seized Kremlin assets.

The child was killed along with three other civilians in strikes on Kherson Oblast over the last day, the region’s governor said.

Governor Oleksandr Prokudin said nine others were injured and the region had been attacked 88 times with missiles striking medical facilities, residential areas, and educational institutions.

It comes as the Kremlin warned Europe and the US over the possibility of Russian assets held abroad being given to aid the Ukrainian war effort. A response could include tit-for-tat financial seizures or even a break in diplomatic relations.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian air force said it had shot down three Russian Su-34 fighter bombers over the south of the country.

The Soviet-origin aircraft, which are armed with guided bombs and Kh-59 missiles, are used to carry out long-distance attacks.

The Dutch government also announced it was preparing to give 18 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, in a boost for the embattled nation that is growing increasingly anxious about aid from its Western allies.


Three children rescued from eastern Ukraine, NGO says

An eight-year-old boy is among three children to have been rescued from occupied territories by the Ukrainian humanitarian NGO Save Ukraine, reports suggest.

“Three more children from the temporarily occupied territories were returned to the Save Ukraine team. Thus, we completed 14 rescue missions saving 14 children, seven of whom were children deprived of parental care,” the organisation’s head Mykola Kuleba said.

“For today, the Save Ukraine team has returned to Ukraine already 226 children who have been under the influence of Russian authorities since 24 February 2022.”

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 16:21


Zelensky slams ‘terrorists’ who attacked Kherson

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has branded Russian troops “terrorists” following an attack on Kherson that left four dead and nine injured.

“The elimination of the consequences of Russian strikes on Kherson lasted all night. Terrorists deliberately target civilian infrastructure and ordinary streets,” Mr Zelensky said on X.

“I am grateful to everyone who is doing everything they can to make the Russian terrorists feel our Ukrainian response, a completely fair response to their attacks,” he added.

It comes after a child was killed along with three other civilians in strikes on Kherson Oblast over the last day, the region’s governor said.

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 15:15


Russia may attack Europe in 2024, European intelligence source claims

Vladimir Putin may attack Europe in the winter of 2024 if the United States found itself “without a leader” following its presidential election, a European intelligence source claimed.

The source, cited by German newspaper Bild, said a potential Russian strike on Europe could occur within the transitionary period, dependent on President Joe Biden not securing re-election in the 2024 US presidential election.

Throughout his campaign for the presidency, former President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticised the level of aid President Joe Biden’s administration provides to Kyiv.

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 14:15


Russian death toll at 350,000, Kyiv claims

The Russian death toll has reached just over 350,000 since Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Kyiv has claimed.

According to their estimates, Russia has also lost 5,858 tanks, 10,888 armored fighting vehicles and 8,314 artillery systems since 24 February 2022.

The figures, provided by Ukraine’s armed forces, have not been independently verified.

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 13:14


How Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s death was ‘orchestrated by Putin’s oldest ally

Ex-Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was killed in a bomb plot orchestrated by Vladimir Putin’s oldest ally, a Russian intelligence officer has claimed.

Mr Prigozhin, who was killed when his plane crashed over Russia on 23 August this year, launched a mutiny against the Russian ministry of defence in June following a long-running feud with officials over the direction of the war in Ukraine.

At the time, the Kremlin denied any involvement with his death and characterised western intelligence assessments of Putin’s culpability as an “absolute lie”.

A Russian intelligence officer has now said former KGB officer and long-time Putin ally Nikolai Patrushev personally oversaw the planning of the operation which involved planting a bomb under the wing of Prigozhin’s aircraft.

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 12:15


Child and three others killed in Russian attacks on Kherson, governor says

A child and three other civilians have been killed as nine others were injured in Russian attacks on Kherson Oblast over the last day, the region’s governor said.

Governor Oleksandr Prokudin said the region was attacked 88 times with targets including medical facilities, residential areas, and educational institutions.

Russia regularly attacks Kherson from the east of the Dnipro, after Ukrainian forces liberated the city in November 2022.

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 10:48


There is a growing sense of alarm among Ukraine’s frontline forces at dwindling supplies of arms and ammunition and signs that the commitment of international partners is faltering, according to multiple senior Ukrainian military officials, Arpan Rai reports.

Ukraine’s military fears Vladimir Putin’s forces could break through its defensive lines and secure victory for Russia within days if the US does not commit to more aid, with intense fighting still taking place and hourly assaults targeting the key industrial town of Avdiivka despite the onset of the country’s bitter winter.

“It is a very difficult situation, very difficult, but the guys from the defence forces are holding their ground,” says Vitaliy Barabash, the head of Avdiivka’s military administration, in an interview with The Independent.

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 10:15


Polish foreign minister urges European countries to boost military capacity

European countries are behind the curve on military production and capacity compared to Russia, Poland’s foreign minister warned.

“As the west, we are 20 times richer than Russia, but if Russia puts its economy on a wartime footing and we continue on a peacetime basis, they can outproduce us,” Radosław Sikorski said.

“Wars are not decided by tactical engagements but by industrial capacities, and we are behind the curve.”

Alexander Butler24 December 2023 09:16


Ukrainian refugees spending second Christmas in UK share hopes for 2024

Ukrainian refugees have expressed their shock at spending their second Christmas in the UK and shared their hopes for 2024, including overcoming the trauma of war and building better lives for their children.

Earlier this year, Ukraine officially changed the day it celebrates Christmas from the Orthodox Church date of January 7 – as is traditional in Russia – to December 25, in a government move designed to distance themselves from their invaders.

Ukrainians living in the UK have said the move makes “complete sense” and will match their government’s plans, while others said they plan to have two celebrations.

Danielle Desouza reports:

Tara Cobham24 December 2023 08:05


Ukraine says it shoots down 14 of 15 Russian drones

Russia launched 15 drones at Ukraine, mostly in the south of the country, overnight with air defences destroying 14 of them, Ukrainian military said on Sunday.

“As a result of air combat, Ukraine’s Air Force and defence forces destroyed 14 shaheds in Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro and Khmelnytskyi regions,” the Ukrainian Air Force said on the Telegram messaging app.

The drones were launched from the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov in Russia, it said.

Reuters could not independently verify the report. There was no immediate comment from Russia.

No damage or casualties have been reported by military and civilian authorities.

Tara Cobham24 December 2023 07:36


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