Three-pawed puppy found abandoned in carrier bag

By John Mercury December 25, 2023

A puppy with a missing paw has been rescued after being abandoned in a carrier bag on Christmas Eve.

The dog, who is missing one of his rear paws, was found at around 10am on Sunday in the Tottenham Marshes nature reserve car park in north London.

A dog walker who spotted the puppy called animal welfare charity the RSPCA, which later launched an appeal for information.

He has since been named Buddy.

Buddy the puppy
Buddy was found in a car park in a carrier bag Credit: RSPCA

“This lovely little chap was deliberately abandoned, tied in an Iceland carrier bag,” Nicola Thomas, RSPCA animal rescue officer, said.

“Had it not been for the kind actions of the passer-by who lent a helping hand, we might be looking at a different outcome.

“He’s a little underweight and is missing his paw and part of his rear leg because of a deformity, which looks sore on the end. He’s now getting the care he needs at our animal hospital.”

She said the ordeal must have been “frightening and bewildering” for Buddy.

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It comes as the charity reported that animal abandonment cases have reached a three-year-high.

Last month alone, 1,619 incidents of abandonment were reported to the RSPCA – a yearly total of 19,457 up to the end of November.

Buddy the puppy
The puppy is missing a paw and part of his rear leg due to a deformity Credit: RSPCA

The charity cited the cost-of-living crisis coupled with a surge in pet ownership during the COVID pandemic that has created a “perfect storm” for animal welfare emergencies.

“Behind these shocking statistics are thousands of vulnerable animals. Each one is a valuable life in urgent need of our help,” Dermot Murphy, RSPCA inspectorate commissioner, said.

He urged animal lovers to join the Christmas rescue and donate to the charity.


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