All passengers survive after helicopter crashes into building

By Isaac M February 27, 2024

A tourist helicopter in Colombia crashed into a building moments after taking off – but all six people on board survived, according to reports.

The aircraft was carrying two pilots and four passengers when the incident took place amid strong winds in Medellín, Colombia, on Monday night.

Within seconds of being in the air, the helicopter began spinning out of control and plummeted back down towards the helipad on top of a building below.

Pictures taken after the passengers were rescued show the wreckage of the helicopter wedged between the building and a communications antenna.

What remained of the aircraft was safely removed once the rescue had taken place.

Only one person onboard is said to have needed hospital treatment. Pic: Reuters
Only one person onboard is said to have needed hospital treatment. Pic: Reuters

Over 70 emergency workers took part in the rescue, local media said, and it took an hour and a half to free the passengers.

El Colombiano added that while the pilot sustained a broken leg and lacerations to his body, the other five people were left with minor injuries that did not require hospital treatment.

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It’s believed the tourists had booked a package deal which included a 12 to 15-minute flight over Medellín and drinks at the aviation-themed Hangar M45 bar, which the helipad is on top of.

The trips have been postponed indefinitely in light of the accident and authorities are reportedly investigating what caused it.


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